We are very excited to announce that the Calgary chapter of the ALA has been recognized in the 2015 Presidents’ Award of Excellence program.




Welcome to the site of the Calgary Association of Legal Administrators (CALA).


Upcoming Calendar of Events


August 31, 2017: Golf Tournament (members & BP’s)

October 16-23, 2017: Community Challenge Week in support of the Legacy Project and the

Veteran’s Food Bank (members & BP’s)

November 4, 2017: 40th Anniversary Gala (members & BP’s)


February 7, 2018: Law Firm Leaders Appreciation Lunch (members only)

March 2, 2018 – Educational Event (members only & Platinum BP’s)

March 22, 2018 – Spring Fling (members and BP’s)

April 19, 2018: AGM (members only)

July 2018: CALA Stampede Event (members & BP’s)


All of our effort goes into providing quality educational, social and community events to

our membership through membership fees and business partner sponsorship dollars. We

hope you enjoy the 2017/2018 year.

Apr.20/17 – Our New 2017/2018 Executive Board Members

President: Jerry-Lynn Fossenier, TingleMerrett LLP
President Elect: Sharon Harris, Beaumont Church LLP
Past President: Jeanelle Crosser, Warren Benson Amantea LLP
VP Programs/Events: Jennifer Carter-Squire, Bennett Jones LLP
VP Education: Holli McVean, Carscallen LLP
VP Sponsorships: Andrea Boyle, Stikeman Elliott LLP
VP Communications: Robert McLauchlin, Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP
Treasurer: Karryn Mysyk, McLeod Law LLP
Secretary: Michelle Zizek, Parlee McLaws LLP

April 20/17: Congratulations 2017 CALA Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations Cheryl Morgan and Andrea Boyle on your full-ride scholarship win (Regt’n, Travel & Accommodation) to ALA’s Regional Conference this fall.  Cheryl won, by random draw of those in attendance,  at the Firm Leaders Luncheon on February 9th and Andrea won hers yesterday at the AGM.  We can’t wait to hear whether they pick Nashille or Las Vegas.

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