June 6/16: Congratulations CALA Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Jin Wu of Stikeman Elliott and Alanna Loftus of Lawson Lundell on their CALA full-ride scholarship win (conference registration, flight & accommodation) to ALA’s 2016 Regional Legal Management Conference in the location of their choosing.  Jin won her scholarship as an attendee at our CookBook Company Cooks event and Alanna won hers as an attendee at the AGM.

The format for this ALA conference was changed in 2015 and referred to as Business of Law Conference but ALA was unable to secure branding rights to this title so the name of the conference has changed back to include the term Regional but the format is the same as their 2015 format.  Identical conference content (format, speakers and schedule) in each of 3 separate locations (East, West & Central).  This year’s conference is being held in Boston (Sept.8-10), Phoenix (Oct.6-8) & Indianapolis(Oct.27-29).

All CALA members are encouraged to attend this very worthwhile conference https://www.alanet.org/events/