Launch of CALA’s Diversity and Inclusion Page!

CALA is pleased to announce the launch of its Diversity and Inclusion page on its website.  Diversity and Inclusion is deeply rooted in the collective values our Chapter.  There is need to provide information, education and resources to assist in the promotion of these important topics.  CALA has created a D&I Committee to assist the Chapter in planning and educating Members and Business Partners.  A big “thank you” to Committee Members (Rada Baljak, Craig Fisk, Dorota Ulkowska, Korrie Girvan, Erin Ross, Jennifer Vuong and Shannon Anderson) for all of their work on developing the page and organizing D&I events through the Chapter Year!

The D&I website page contains information on:

  • Mission and Values
  • Dates of Cultural Celebrations and Observance Days
  • Links to Indigenous Related Content
  • D&I Digital and Print Resources

Check out the new webpage and look forward to updates!