CALA AGM Announcements – April 30, 2019

2019 CALA Board Members

CALA announced at its AGM today that we are the recent & proud recipient of the ALA 2019 ELEVATE AWARD recognizing excellence in educational content, member to member & member to business partner relationships and prominence in the legal community.  We are also happy to announce our newly elected 2019/2020 Executive Board being:

  • Karryn Mysyk, President
  • Holli McVean, President Elect/Membership
  • Sharon Harris, Past-President
  • Andrea Boyle, Treasurer
  • Michelle Zizek, VP Education
  • Jennifer Carter-Squire, VP Sponsorships
  • Robert McLauchlin, VP Programs/Events
  • Vikram Adhikari, VP Communications
  • Susan Taylor-Heward, Secretary