CALA Business Partner Event 2023

CALA Happy Hour – Barbarella – Feb 20

CALA Annual Holiday Party

CALA 2022 Annual Golf Tournament

AGM 2022

Debra DeWaal – Mental Toughness Education Session

CALA Annual Stampede Breakfast

BP Appreciation Event April 2022

2022 Presidents’ Awards of Excellence

Once again CALA has received the 2022 Presidents’ Award of Excellence!  It is an honour bestowed by ALA to recognize Chapters for their effective and collaborative efforts to support ALA’s mission and goals.  Each year we strive to provide extensive professional development opportunities and develop collaborative environments to empower our Members to lead in the […]

Launch of CALA’s Diversity and Inclusion Page!

CALA is pleased to announce the launch of its Diversity and Inclusion page on its website.  Diversity and Inclusion is deeply rooted in the collective values our Chapter.  There is need to provide information, education and resources to assist in the promotion of these important topics.  CALA has created a D&I Committee to assist the […]